Building Strength Since Day One

Our Powerful History In Martial Arts Education

Martial arts excellence is in our blood. Our founder, Master Bronson Ko, began training under a first-generation Grand Master from Korea, at the age of 4, took his first black belt test at 7 and began running a studio in high school.

Master Ko struggled with self confidence at a young age but through his martial arts training, he learned to believe himself and get the result he wanted. That drive still propels him, and everyone at Ko Martial Arts, to continue the tradition of martial arts excellence with a modern approach that gets results.

With that history, and an education in business and marketing under his belt, Master Ko has turned a local martial arts academy into a franchise system that’s set to break through.

The Story of KOMA

Lifelong Lessons

  • Be firm but supportive to bring out the best
  • Focus on the individual to achieve excellence
  • Motivate people to push themselves to the next level
  • Create a professional system that stands out from the competition

These are the lessons that Ko Martial Arts delivers to our students and our franchisees, developed over a lifetime of martial arts education. When you own your own KOMA franchise, you’ll be in a powerful position to instill these lessons and more in your students, creating an educational experience that lasts for the long run.

Come see what makes Ko Martial Arts franchises stand out.


This is not a franchise offering. An offering can only be made through our Franchise Disclosure Document.

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