Ko Martial Arts Franchisee Training

The Ko Martial Arts franchise training program is designed to equip you with every tool you need to build character through martial arts excellence in your community. In addition to the business management and operations training that will build you into the strongest entrepreneur you could be, Ko Martial Arts franchisees who don’t have black belts also complete martial arts training to ensure they have the knowledge and confidence to deliver excellence to their students.

Master Bronson Ko

Master Ko has spent most of his life training in and practicing martial arts. But his expertise doesn’t stop there. Master Ko also has a strong history in business management and education, and the Ko Martial Arts training program he’s designed helps each franchisee pair that business knowledge with martial arts practice. This combination is vital to owning and operating your own KOMA studio. Ko Martial Arts franchisees are in their studios often, teaching classes and leading their team, proving the importance of our two-pronged training approach.

Business Management Training

One of the many benefits of franchising with Ko Martial Arts is the support we offer to each franchisee. And that support includes business training. We’ll equip you with the tools to fulfill the executive functions of your business. This includes marketing, hiring and managing a team, meeting financial goals and growing your business.

Operations training will be a full week for you to learn all about the day-to-day functions of Ko Martial Arts; teacher training will provide you with the skills to not only teach students but also train the teachers you hire. Even after your in-person training is done, you’ll utilize our progressive, proprietary, online training program to keep you motivated.

Martial Arts Training

Ko Martial arts franchisees take an active role in their businesses. And that often includes teaching classes themselves. For our franchisees without a background in martial arts or those who haven’t earned a black belt, KOMA training will include martial arts training. This helps to ensure that you will have the necessary skills to teach your students. And don’t worry, you can open up your Ko Martial Arts Studio before you have your black belt. You’ll just teach younger kids and lower levels. As you earn your own belts, you will be able to teach higher levels to older students. 

We know that martial arts practice builds confidence. And as you advance in your practice, you will gain more and more assuredness in running your martial arts business and pass that confidence along to your students.

The Ko Martial Arts training program will give you the tools you need to change lives one black belt at a time. So, if you’re ready to start your KOMA journey, reach out to us to learn more information about the Ko Martial Arts franchise opportunity and how martial arts excellence can change lives in your community.