Ongoing Ko Martial Arts Franchise Support

Ko Martial Arts franchisees are supported at every level. We know that, in addition to our proven systems, our expert support enables our franchisees to reach their fullest potential. Including our comprehensive training, our ongoing support includes weekly check-ins, motivational webinars, our software system, marketing support and continuous martial arts training. Read on to discover the ongoing support you’ll receive as a Ko Martial Arts franchisee.

Training Modules

Our training program ensures that you have mastery-level understanding of every aspect of owning and running a Ko Martial Arts business. Our digital training modules build on what you’ve already learned and include quizzes at every benchmark so you can see your own progress. Your training sessions can also be recorded, so you can get comprehensive feedback from the members of the KOMA team.


Once you’ve finished training and your martial arts studio is up and running, you will still have a strong relationship with the team of KOMA professionals. We will check in with you every week with phone calls and conferences. These chats will be your opportunity to ask any questions, solicit advice and share your successes with your Ko Martial Arts corporate team members.

Motivating Webinars

Ko Martial Arts, and Master Bronson Ko himself, routinely release motivating webinars designed to help our franchisees take their businesses to the next level. These webinars help our franchisees get into a success mindset along with learning some tools they can implement in their studios. Plus, they can help keep you connected to the proven KOMA system.


Ko Martial Arts is a franchise for the modern era. So, we are sure to incorporate technology to make operations and support easier for our franchisees. That’s why each Ko Martial Arts franchisee uses a management system designed to make enrollment and class scheduling a breeze. During training, you will become a pro at the system, making the day-to-day operations as streamlined as possible once your studio is open.

Marketing Support

We don’t expect our franchisees to be pro-level marketers. That’s why we offer you the support you’ll need! Ko Martial Arts has a library of branded marketing materials designed to have an impact in local communities. Our marketing assistance also includes social media support so you can meet your customers exactly where they’re at — on the internet.

Continuing Training

You don’t have to have your black belt to start your KOMA franchise. But we do encourage our franchisees to work toward it. That’s why you’ll have the opportunity to move up through our proprietary, multi-tiered training model. As you advance in your martial arts education, you will gain skills that will benefit your martial arts business.

As a Ko Martial Art franchisee, you will have all of the resources you need to build and grow your KOMA business including comprehensive training, weekly check-ins, proven software systems, marketing support and continual training. Today could be the day you start on the path to Ko Martial Arts ownership. Reach out to our team for more information about the Ko Martial Arts franchise opportunity.

This is not a franchise offering. An offering can only be made through our Franchise Disclosure Document.

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