The KOMA Numbers You Need to Know

As you consider the Ko Martial Arts franchise opportunity, we want to give you the information you need to make this financial decision. You already have the passion for martial arts and understand the positive impact it can have. And now you’ll have the numbers that are the building blocks of the KOMA franchise opportunity. Keep reading to learn about our years of experience, what it takes to open a Ko Martial Arts franchise and the huge potential market of children who are interested in martial arts.

14 Years

Since 2006, Ko Martial Arts has impacted the lives of students of all ages. Our brand was started by Master Bronson Ko who began his own martial arts training under the tutelage of his father, a first-generation Grand Master from Korea, at age 5 and took his first black belt test at age 7. After receiving his business marketing degree in 2005, Master Ko turned his lifelong passion for taekwondo into the KOMA business it is today, combining his knowledge of martial arts with his business skills to create a business that has continued to grow for the past 14 years. Now you can be a part of the next chapter of Ko Martial Arts history by franchising with KOMA.

Initial Investment Starts at $132,200*

We’ve worked to keep the Ko Martial Arts system as affordable as possible so that anyone with a passion for martial arts has the chance to bring a KOMA franchise to their community. The initial investment to start a Ko Martial Arts franchise starts at $132,200 and can range up to $265,220 depending on the size of your studio, construction needs and your franchise’s location. The initial investment includes the KOMA franchise fee, leasehold improvements, signage, insurance, franchisee training and more. For more information about the initial investment and franchisee financial requirements, reach out to our franchise development team.

6 Million Children

According to, six million children participate in martial arts. That’s a large potential market for Ko Martial Arts franchisees. As you likely know, martial arts can make a powerful impact on children, both physically and emotionally. We teach our students plenty of skills in between the kicks and punches. These are the skills that will prepare them for life outside of the martial arts studio. Ko Martial Arts students learn to surpass challenges, set goals and develop healthy relationships with their instructors and peers. You have the opportunity to bring these benefits to the children in your community by franchising with KOMA.

Armed with the knowledge of KOMA’s history, initial investment and our potential market for students, you are ready to take the next step on your Ko Martial Arts franchise journey. The next step is reaching out to us. We can answer any questions you might have about financial requirements and get you ready to bring a Ko Martial Arts franchise to your community.

*Please refer to the Ko Martial Arts 2020 Franchise Disclosure Document for more information.

This is not a franchise offering. An offering can only be made through our Franchise Disclosure Document.

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